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Duos: No additional fees, but should there be a discrepancy between our rates, I kindly ask you to match the rates to the higher one. 90 minute minimum.

Couples: +100/hr, 2 hour minimum

Outcall: Currently only available to familiar friends and those booking overnight or longer

Cancellation Policy: Please view my page here for the cancellation policy

Deposit: 25% deposit required via Cashapp, Venmo, Amazon GC, ETH, BTC

Overnights:  you book the hotel, or I can reserve a hotel for an extra fee


6 Hrs - 2500

8 Hrs - 3500

Overnight (up to 14 hours) - 4000

Full day (24 hrs) - 5000

Weekend (48 hrs) - 10,000

1 Hr - 800

1.5 Hr- 1000

2 Hrs - 1200

3 Hrs - 1600

4 Hrs - 2000

Date Packages & Ideas
The Cat Lady Date 
6 hours recommended
Relaxed brunch at Batter & Berries, Lunch at Farm Bar or Chicago Diner (vegetarian & vegan) 
Pet some cats and play some arcade games at The Catcade ~ 1 hour
Food recommended before cat fun time, we will be covered in cat fur. Showers (and lint rollers) are always available at my incall 

"I can feel my arteries clogging" Date Package

3 hours recommended

If you like inhaling your daily calorie intake in one meal, if you hate your cardiologist, or you want to try a chocolate cake milkshake-- a milkshake with a literal chocolate cake shoved in and blended, this one is for you. 
We start off at my incall
Your choice of Al's Beef, Portillo's, Lou Malnati's, or Kuma's Corner
We eat and part ways because we will need a nap after our meal

(Currently unavailable due to COVID)

Trashy Chicago Bar Date

4+ hours recommended

For the refined gentleman who enjoys rude bartenders, suspiciously sticky floors and loud music.

Whether you've never been to one, frequent dive bars, or you used to frequent them and wish to relive your younger years (midlife crisis?), I'm the gal for you. 

Please choose from one of two options:

Option 1 - I prefer to avoid bars people have gotten stabbed in

Option 2 - I am okay with bars that are a little stabby

While I am not a smoker, I'm happy to accompany you to a smoking-allowed bar for those that do.

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