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Hi, I'm Kurumi.

I'm your Eurasian dream girl based in the Windy City. 



I'm a sweet, sultry girl with an inquisitive spirit and an unabashed geeky side. ​

Fair skinned and curvaceous, I stand at 5'5" with a natural DD bust, 26 inch waist, and curvaceous hips. I'm a mix of Japanese, Swedish and Russian, and spent over half my life living internationally.  I have a timeless Japanese look with hints of European features that highlight my unique beauty. My face is innocent and sweet, a stark contrast from my provocative, full figured body. My almond shaped eyes are inviting yet mysterious, my lips are delicate and pouty, my hair is thick and voluminous. I have a sweet, yet striking look that's sure to charm and captivate you.


Still curious?

Let's simplify thingsI'll skip the fancy words and promises of whisking you away to a fantasy world. I like to promise only what I absolutely can offer you—a chance for you to get know me, and a chance for me to get to know you. There's nothing I treasure in the world more than connection. I'm a conversationalist who's ever-so curious, and I think you'll find me to be very approachable and inviting.


So what am I like? I'm a little mysterious, but a simple girl at heart. I'm an easy going girl who appreciates the simple things in lifegood whiskey, good food, and someone lovely to share the moment with. I'm hoping you'd like to be that someone.


The Important Deets

Age: 26


Tattoos: A few

Piercings: ears 

Bra size: 36DD-36DDD

Shoe size: 7.5

Dress size: 6-8

Model type: Nexus-6 replicant

Steak preference: rare to medium-rare 

PS4 or Xbox? PC


Authors: Philip K Dick, Ursula Le Guin

Music: Jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop, rap, contemporary R&B, hardcore punk, post-hardcore

Cuisine: Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nigerian, I also love good 'ol meat and potatoes

Movies: Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

TV: Firefly, Twin Peaks, Bojack Horseman, The X-Files

Favorite animal: I can never decide

Favorite dinosaur: Ankylosaurus

Favorite prehistoric creature: Josephoartigasia monsei

Favorite single celled organism: Stentor Coeruleus

Favorite Snack: Hot Cheetos, kiwis, you

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